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Our mission is to strongly support small business owners and entrepreneurs through our networking, and social media channels. We also support our local communities with successful fundraisers, and events that further give the small business owners and entrepreneurs, a platform from which to introduce their businesses to people who might otherwise not hear about them.

Lisa D’ has over 35 years of partnering and networking in the San Jose, Citrus Heights and Greater Sacramento areas. We have partnered with some of the most elite businesses throughout the Greater Sacramento Area to ensure that your event is top notch. Each business has been hand-picked to service your event as if it were their own. [Read more…]

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About Lisa D

Lisa D Taylor

Lisa D Taylor
Community Supporter

Born in Rockford, Illinois, Lisa was raised by a single mom who, through her motivational speaking, inspired women to work on self-image through diet and nutrition. With her mother as a role model, Lisa witnessed first-hand the positive impact one individual can have on another.

Lisa also became a single mother, raising two boys, which kept her quite busy. Nevertheless, she managed to take in four troubled girls who lived in her apartment complex. Two of the girls graduated from high school, with honors.

Meanwhile, Lisa put herself through college with a grant and scholarships. While attending subsequent seminars, business and networking meetings, she realized not everyone was able to do the same. She became determined to tap into her talent for bringing people together, and use her ever-expanding network, database and other resources to help those requiring assistance. [Read the rest of Lisa’s bio…]

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