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Launch Mixer 8/18/2016

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Lisa D and Associates kicked off our first Launch Mixer with a BANG!! This event featured 8 local businesses and was a smashing success. Before the business owners and guests arrived, Melody Germany, owner of Pretty Perfect Creations decorated each business owners table with their wares, brochures, business cards and special touches of elegance like only Melody knows how.

Each business owner took the floor to explain what their business was about and was warmly supported and encouraged by everyone in attendance. After each owner gave their short commercial. At the end of each presentation all in attendance gathered around and proudly proclaimed in unison – “What can we do to help you grow your business?” The small gathering created an atmosphere which was intimate and non-threatening. The following testimonials from the business owners themselves tells it all:


Butterfly Rule Line

Kim Pho

The 1st launch mixer Lisa organized and put together was a great event for new business of all kinds. It was a fun, intimate event. I was very impressed with Lisa skills pulling all businesses together to share our experiences. It has a great impact and expand in my Financial Services. I’m looking forward to many more events organized by Lisa. Thank you Lisa for great opportunity and allow my business to expose.

Kim Pho
Owner Elk Grove Financial Center

Tamara Johnson

Working with Lisa D. was awesome. As a new business owner It is time consuming to market your self as a up and coming business. And I cringed at the thought of trying to put together a launch party. After speaking with Lisa about my vision and my business, she immediately put a plan of action to host my business launch mixer. Lisa was on point every step of the way. Lisa answering all questions, Provided the venue, food, music, promoting platform and even set my presentation table to fit the vision of my business with a outstanding decor.

All I had to do was show up… . I love the way she treated me and my guest. I was able to meet other business owner’s in a very intimate setting where we could have real conversations not a 1 min networking speech! The part I love the most was after giving my business presentation everyone in the room with big smiles, asked me….What can we do to help you grow your business!  – priceless-

If you want to hit the ground running with your business Let Lisa D. get you started!

Tamara Johnson
Master Results Life Coach

Melody Germany

It was an exciting time at the first Launch Mixer, hosted by Lisa D. & Associates. It was an awesome experience and I’m thankful for the opportunity to showcase some of the hidden gifts and talents given to me by my Heavenly Father. God is so awesome and He keeps showing up and continues to bless me even though I’m unworthy, He shows me favor.

It did my heart good to hear how much the new business owners appreciated my handiwork. To God be All Glory as “Pretty Perfect Creations” soars to new heights! Thanks.

Melody Germany-Wilson
Pretty Perfect Creations

Bridgett Carradine

I felt very inspired!! The unity, the happy people in business. Everything was so professional, my table was already set when I arrived. I’m very shy speaking in front of people, the spirit was so warm,  I felt no fear.. I loved the food, music, l left so inspired!!! So glad I met you Lisa,, I have so many opportunities coming my way..Thank you Lisa.

Ms. Bridgette Carradine
Brigandis, Inc.

Dear Lisa,

Just wanted to compliment you on your great Mixer Events, allowing new and established business owners a chance to Network and Share their businesses.

You are a great event planner, and your decorator, Mel, adds the perfect final touches to compliment each and every vendor table.

I love that you open with prayer, sharing gratitude for each and every vendor. You know how to make
each vendor feel welcome and give each one the opportunity to share their business and ask the audience how we can help grow one another’s business.

Regarding, Team IP, it was a pleasure to be at your mixer, and from the event, have already gained a
perspective client!

My Sincere thanks, Lisa, for the hard work you do, and for the results it produces to enhance one another’s business.

Blessings to you, and YOUR Business….

This event was enjoyable and fun to meet different businesses, our grand opening was perfect our table was decorated beautifully. We felt very welcomed and respected. the event was very helpful and successful for networking.

Thank you Ms Lisa D Taylor, you are an Angel


“Enjoyed a wonderful Grand Opening with Lisa D Presents. Everyone was so supportive, and genuinely wanted to help me with my business”.

Terry Broadbent
Stylist with Nice & Bella Jewelry


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